Palettes with Payoff

November 3, 2008

When it comes to makeup palettes, dark-skinned girls are at a distinct disadvantage. Even the most alluring, expensive palettes inevitably have one or two super light, super neutral “blah” shade that we know, without even sampling, will all but disappear on our darker complexions. Here, I’ve selected three palettes with serious color payoff. My criteria? Every single color included in a palette had to be flattering and richly pigmented enough to show up on my skin. Thus, girls of all skin tones looking for colors with serious pop will get their money’s worth with these bright little sets:

Vincent Longo Diamante Quad

Vincent Longo Diamante Quad

Vincent Longo Diamante Quad in Aquila ($40): With a “high-tech, light-reflecting pearl formula for a creamy soft, full color eyeshadow,” each of these colors are worth buying in singular form. And since you can vary their intensity by applying either wet or dry, it’s like getting twice the shadow.

Fresh Imperial Bedroom Palette

Fresh Imperial Bedroom Palette

Fresh Imperial Bedroom Face Palette ($55): It’s not just the name of this palette that’s an exercise in smoldering seduction. Each shade is rich, luminous and slightly mysterious. With “lightly-gilded pearl and antique-gold eye lusters, an opalescent black satin liner, a warm shimmering satin luster for the cheeks, and a seductive deep-red lip shine,” what more could you need?

Fresh Imperial Bedroom Palette

Josie Maran Finger Paints

Josie Maran Finger Paints in Sweet ($36): This sweet little palette with four shimmery “paints” proves that rich color can still be natural color. Each multi-purpose shade can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, creating countless combinations. The best part? It “contains natural, organic ingredients, no fragrances or parabens.”


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